Denver Gooners on Slack

The Denver Gooners are going digital during quarantine! Join us on Slack for live discussions and virtual watch parties.

Getting Started

Slack is a popular collaboration platform, used widely for teams and communities.
First time using slack? No problem! Here are some resources to get you started

Create a free account

Use the link above to create a free slack account. Already have a slack account? Use the same email when setting up your account.

Start chatting

Start chatting with fellow Gooners in the #welcome channel. Use the list in your sidebar to join other channels, including the channels for virtual watch parties.

Download the Desktop or Mobile App

Keep up with Denver Gooners on slack with apps for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

Learn more

Want to learn how to be a slack power user? Head over to the Slack official help docs, starting with the Slack Demo.