The Denver Gooners are not-for-profit and all money raised will be reseeded into the supporters group. However, we rely on your kindness to continue to host special events, manufacture merchandise, provide specials and deals to our members, and improve our group’s operations.



Your donations have helped us do some really fun things. Some of our favorites have been:

  • HostingĀ a tailgate with free beer and donuts before the Chelsea match in March 2014
  • Screening a Thierry Henry documentary before the FA Cup Final in 2014
  • Printing Denver Gooners first official T-shirts
  • — and now, a second run on a second color!
  • Another tailgate party with more free beer and donuts before the North London Derby in February 2015

We have a lot of great ideas for more fun things, thank you very much for considering donating!

We accept donations via PayPal.

Thanks to our gracious donors! U da real MVPs

  • Joseph Murphy
  • Sean Dardis
  • Elizabeth Munson

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